One-to-one specialist coaching to treat executive stress

In these sessions, we blend our coaching and counselling expertise to help those experiencing stress, panic episodes or depression to get onto the road to recovery. This intensive, highly skilled work tends to be with senior or middle managers, as funding for coaching is generally not available at junior level. The growing market for this type of work is in line with the rise in mental health issues in the workplace and our experience suggests that senior executives may not (for reasons of privacy) want to seek help via the employee assistance route. Most importantly, the idea of receiving specialist coaching for executive stress is a more attractive proposition than a wholly therapeutic approach.

Most people need between two to six sessions, depending on the nature of the challenge they face.


Workshop programmes

Our flagship programmes are Wellbeing and Resilience workshops in which we teach participants ways to reduce and manage their experience of stress in the workplace. We offer the flexibility to configure these as one, or two-day events in which participants learn how to regulate their energy levels, think more clearly and manage relationships more effectively. In other words, how to create the space to make changes. These programmes can be delivered at all levels in the business.

In addition, some of the ‘themes’ we touch on in these workshops can be rolled out as standalone in-depth programmes. These include but are not limited to: Managing Anger and Irritability and Communicating with Emotional Intelligence.


Action learning sets

Action Learning is a process which draws on the collective problem-solving skills of a group of leaders and managers to help solve workplace challenges. Topics can be wide-ranging; for example, how to support those struggling with mental health issues, how to create a healthier team climate; how to have difficult conversations when the stakes are high.

The process requires that each group commits to meet every six to eight weeks for around six sessions in total. At each two and a half hour session, two people take turns in the ‘hot seat’ to introduce their challenge and to receive peer coaching and facilitator guidance. This helps them develop insights, formulate a plan, act on this and ultimately report back at the next meeting.

The sessions are built around the practice of co-coaching and therefore also act as a forum for the development of emotionally intelligent behaviour and team cohesion.


Our methodology

The success of any development intervention – whether it be a coaching or workshop programme – is dependent upon the degree to which people feel safe enough to stretch themselves a little further out of their comfort zones than they normally might. Our professional skills in training, coaching and counselling, coupled with our understanding of behavioural psychology enable us to create a safe space in which people feel able to experiment and learn.

We strive to achieve the right balance between theory and practice, with the emphasis on offering people practical tools which will make a difference. We draw from a wide range of approaches including social and behavioural psychology, coaching philosophy, solution-focused therapy, neuroscience and rehearsal techniques, in line with the needs of the individual or group.