Developing Resilience


A one-day workshop programme

with Renée van der Vloodt and Cathy Harris



The relentless pace and increasing demands that many of us face in both our professional and personal lives can come with a high price to pay, in terms of compromised emotional and physical health and damage to relationships. Against this backdrop, resilience and wellbeing are hot topics and ones within which many misconceptions abound. For example, the notion that resilience is something that you either do, or don’t have – propounding the myth of resilience as a goal that some, (but not all of us) will attain. In this workshop, Cathy and Renée draw on many years of experience in corporate life and the fields of counselling psychology, coaching and workshop facilitation, to tell a story about resilience that everyone can relate to, learn and practice.


Our core themes

We believe that developing resilience begins with first learning to become self-aware, (through being mindful of our physical feelings, thoughts and actions) and then, developing the skills to self-regulate, (to allow us to adapt and recover in the face of significant stressors); finally, it takes learning to get our needs met in balance, and in a sustainable way. We know that stress resides and manifests in our bodies, and so we teach a set of embodied practices from the field of Mindfulness with Self-Compassion, to help participants to learn more effective ways to relate to themselves. These simple, powerful techniques are taught throughout the day, to establish the core building blocks for wellbeing.

Developing perspectives

Our holistic approach invites participants to explore the topic through the lenses of both their personal, as well as professional lives, in a quest to understand their experience of resilience, current stressors and coping strategies. We look at the ways in which the modern workplace can compromise wellbeing and introduce you to a framework for understanding the science of wellbeing, which contains the ‘ingredients’ for creating a resilient workforce.


The learning journeY

We help participants to create a route map for wellbeing by answering the following questions:

• What is resilience, where does it come from and how should I define it?

• How have I handled major setbacks and what type of ‘coping skills’ have I developed?

• In which ways can I cultivate the intentions, capabilities, skills and practices for a resilient life?

• What is the link between emotions and performance and why does this matter?

• Which workplace practices help people to feel safe, in control, recognised and truly accepted?

• How can the development of a Growth Mindset help me to learn from failure and setbacks?

• Why is learning to tolerate uncertainty – and letting go of perfectionism – a key to resilience?

• How does my brain perceive and process threat, and what can I do to regulate my responses?

• What steps do I need to take to create a more balanced life as a buffer against stress?

• Why is the practice of self-compassion a better alternative to the pursuit of self-esteem?


Our backgrounds

Cathy Harris and Renée van der Vloodt founded Executive Resilience Coaching to help individuals, teams and business leaders to experience positive mental health in the workplace. Together, they combine their expertise in consulting, training, executive coaching, counselling psychology and psychotherapy.

Renée’s specialism is in the arena of mental health and psychotherapeutic practice, in which she has taught and written extensively. More recently she qualified as a teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.

Cathy’s background is in the corporate world, having consulted, trained and coached at senior level, within a range of industries. Her experience of witnessing the human impact of business change programmes and company restructures led her to retrain as a mental health professional.