Celebrating Neurodiversity in the Workplace


Companies wishing to stay innovative and competitive in their field, increasingly value a neurodiverse workforce – one which embraces a wide range of talents, strengths and thinking styles. No wonder then, that neurodiversity is becoming the new buzzword in business.

However, whilst there is increasing awareness of the exceptional talents associated with atypical thinking styles, there is still a widespread lack of understanding of how to recognise, harness and support less ‘mainstream’ talents and gifts.

Both employers and employees will benefit greatly from learning how to notice and value the diverse range of workforce talent. The starting point is being able to see that peoples’ talent is always part of a bigger package that makes up the individual. Invariably, patterns of ability and behaviour are linked to patterns in difficulties – and recognition of this is key to ensuring that people aren’t left floundering in jobs which fail to capitalise on their strengths.

Neurodiversity, when understood and well-managed, offers a multitude of personal, team and organisational benefits. The richer the diversity of thinking styles, the greater the innovation and the more extraordinary the results. Everyone wins!


We believe it’s time to replace talent management with talent mining – to help you unearth the unique capabilities latent in your workforce.

At ERC, we bring practical expertise in the field of neurodiversity, based on decades of interest and experience. As mental health professionals, we know there’s a clear link between misused or wasted talents and poor mental health, which carries a hefty price tag, both emotionally and financially. And we’ve helped many people with unique gifts to increase their resilience, spot the pitfalls and excel in their roles.

Our services include one-to-one solution-focussed specialist coaching, educational programmes to increase understanding of, and insight into neurodiversity, as well as practical workshops to increase resilience in a diverse team. Talk to us about how we help you to reap the returns of unlocking your peoples’ potential.