Executive Resilience Coaching

Individual interventions for senior executives to regain, maintain and sustain well-being and performance during, or following, periods of extreme pressure.




Prolonged, excessive stress can cause you, or your top talent, to suffer from work-related ill health – either operating at reduced capacity below their potential, or absent from the organisation entirely due to sick-leave.

This group of highly-talented, responsible people are less likely to ask for help – but they're the linchpins of your organisation.




Specialist coaching for executive stress

  • Scientifically-based in modern coaching and counselling practices
  • Preventative – aims to deal with stress before it seriously impacts the individual’s physical / mental health and becomes costly for the business 
  • Builds resilience and develops skills and capabilities
  • Fast and effective in 4-6 sessions of 90 minutes with an accredited professional

Our approach


Brief, solution-focussed and effective

We bring a wealth of skills and experience in the fields of executive coaching, corporate training, counselling psychology and psychotherapy.

We draw on a rich stream of knowledge, principles and tools from social and applied psychology and neuroscience to introduce you to the essential practices for workplace wellbeing.

Our cutting-edge solution-focused approach brings fast, effective relief from an array of stress related difficulties. We utilise specialist techniques to address some of the more deeply embedded patterns and triggers, without unduly dredging up a client’s past.

By lifting these barriers, we help clients to mobilise their natural resources and talents to improve productivity, fast.




Our aim is to support you in building a more robust and resilient self and team.

  • Improved sleep, focus and decision making
  • Less stress – both at work and at home
  • Emotional agility:better coping strategies, improved co-operation and communication skills
  • Increased self-awareness and empathy
  • Greater motivation and increased energy
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Increased capability to master own behaviour
  • Reconnection with one's own innate strengths and talents
In all my long years in OH practice I have not come across anything that combines so perfectly the approaches that I think we should all be doing as the blend that you have created. I think you have a unique offering and it is most certainly embodying all that I speak about with people, and all that I think needs to be reaching workplaces and managers who want to make things better. You have created an exciting offering that really matters – so chapeau!
— Dr Martin Lygo, Chief Medical Officer, Everwell Occupational Health
Things have been going well since I last saw you. I managed to successfully control my stress levels at work during a very busy period. Our sessions together have been excellent. They’ve helped me to get some balance and perspective back into my life. Thank you!

Cathy Harris

Cathy Harris is a Human Givens practitioner (PSA accredited) and on the Henley Business School coaching register. Cathy has a degree in English, a Postgraduate Diploma in Acting (NCDT accredited) and is qualified in a range of psychometric tools. These include the JCA Emotional Intelligence Profile, MBTI Steps 1 & 2 and FIRO-B elements.


I have many years’ experience running corporate training teams and have consulted, trained and coached within a range of sectors, including publishing, engineering, telecommunications and government contracts.

During my corporate life, I found myself managing the human impact of constant restructures and redundancy programmes and the emotional fallout which results from constant uncertainty. I started to search for answers to the question:

How can we create a workplace climate in which people are able to flourish and thrive?

I felt strongly that it was time for a real paradigm shift to put the focus on the relationship between emotional state and productivity. Now, in my practice, I draw on a range of approaches and development tools to help people to articulate a positive, needs-based plan for change.


Renée van der Vloodt

Renée van der Vloodt is a Human Givens practitioner (PSA accredited), Fellow of the Human Givens Institute and taught for Human Givens College for 10 years. Renée has trained with Dr Michael Yapko, the NICABM in the US and has recently become a Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher.

My career has spanned more than 3 decades, working as an educator, coach, therapist and trainer.

I have worked in private practice, brought stress management to schools and the workplace (including working as a Coach in Shell International for 4 years), and have trained other therapists and coaching professionals for 20 years, both in the UK and abroad. (US, Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Portugal.)

How does one help people connect with their innate talents and resources, so that they can express the best version of themselves?

This question has fuelled my entire professional journey.My practice is informed by the latest scientific understanding of how mind-body-emotions interact

I am originally an Art Historian and worked in BBC TV.


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